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  • Winter Field Day: day 2

    Watch for updates all day! 7 am local time, also 7 degrees F outside; we got about 1 1/2″ of light, fluffy snow overnight, (actually cleared the walks with a broom rather than a shovel) so in the interest of safe travel I am leaving later than I might otherwise. Give the plow trucks time […]

  • Winter Field Day is here!

    I checked out a WiFi hotspot from a local library, so I will be updating this post all day! I am planning on leaving in about an hour for Wildcat Mountain; right now I am making a lunch, lots of coffee, and some hot cider for the day’s entertainment, alternating with thinking of something else […]

  • Winter Field Day is coming!

    Scroll down to see the updates! Next weekend, in fact, January 28th – 29th, 1900 UTC to 1859 UTC. Right now, I am planning on operating from Wildcat Mountain State Park 1900 to 2200 UTC Saturday and 1400 to 1859 on Sunday. This park is also K-1480, I’m hoping the WFD rules will allow me […]