Winter Field Day is here!

I checked out a WiFi hotspot from a local library, so I will be updating this post all day!

I am planning on leaving in about an hour for Wildcat Mountain; right now I am making a lunch, lots of coffee, and some hot cider for the day’s entertainment, alternating with thinking of something else to bring along “just in case”.

What am I going to do when I get there? Plans are still kind of loose; probably I’ll set up the Buddipole 20 meter vertical to start with, and run the X6100 on it’s own batteries. I have two sets of 18650s to fall back on.

2:39 pm, (2039Z) all set up, all working! making contacts! even got one park-to-park! Got internet! this is fun!!

2051Z, just worked W1AW/5 in Oklahoma! Hot apple cider!

4:19 pm, (2219Z) just logged my 10th contact, W4T in GA. Going to have to start packing up soon. 16 degrees F and a breeze from the NW; antenna is visibly bending.

2227Z, just got my 2nd park-to-park! and my antenna just blew down!

2238Z, the MFJ 12′ whip antenna broke in 2 places, so that’s it for today.

I knew I was taking a big chance not using any guys …
And this was the result!

6:55 pm local time; 11 degrees out on the deck and snowing lightly. Looking forward to an early start of operating tomorrow!





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