Winter Field Day is coming!

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Next weekend, in fact, January 28th – 29th, 1900 UTC to 1859 UTC.

Right now, I am planning on operating from Wildcat Mountain State Park 1900 to 2200 UTC Saturday and 1400 to 1859 on Sunday. This park is also K-1480, I’m hoping the WFD rules will allow me to do a POTA activation simultaneously; gotta love a two-fer!

I will post more as the event approaches; please leave a comment if you will be operating WFD too, but remember that WFD rules prohibit pre-arranging of contacts before the event, so let’s not do that.

Thanks for stopping to look at today, please come to visit again!

Heavy overcast accompanied by fog all through the Driftless today

UPDATE, January 22nd: registered my site at Wildcat Mountain on the WFD website.

UPDATE, January 23rd: I have my operation posted on the POTA scheduled activations page, where I see about 6 other people who will be combining WFD & POTA. I had a sudden thought over breakfast today about doing a three-fer with SOTA, but unfortunately Wildcat Mountain is not on the SOTA list; I will investigate what is required to get a summit on that list, but that probably won’t happen by Saturday morning.

2/4/23, update re: Wildcat Mountain and SOTA – as I was compiling the information needed to support a request to add a summit to the SOTA list I figured out the reason that Wildcat Mountain was not listed; the key word is “prominence”. Look up a definition if you want precision, I will just summarize by saying that it does not sufficiently stand out from the surrounding terrain to qualify under SOTA rules.





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