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  • Antenna build is on hiatus until next weekend, and another week goes by without an activation

    Also, the finished dimensions are way less than perfect, though for what it’s worth I really did just pick them out of the air; it needs to be wider to provide space for the tripod head, and the 1/4″ hole might need to be a bit off center for the same reason. Maybe I will […]

  • Antenna build progress

    In the spirit of full disclosure, this project got started when I was reading about the QRPguys DS1 antenna kit in late February; when I looked at the DS1 on their website it was not available to ship at that time (nor is it today). Looking a bit further, I realized that I already had […]

  • A hike or two, and all sorts of unrelated miscellany

    With many updates; February 28th to March 9th Cold on Saturday and Sunday, raining on Monday, it was never quite a weekend for radio. Tuesday (February 28th) was sunny, if hazy, and the temperature made it into the 40s; I didn’t feel like taking the time for a park activation but I did go out […]