Antenna build progress

In the spirit of full disclosure, this project got started when I was reading about the QRPguys DS1 antenna kit in late February; when I looked at the DS1 on their website it was not available to ship at that time (nor is it today). Looking a bit further, I realized that I already had most of the parts that would be included in the kit. The assembly instructions are detailed enough to allow me to make an exact DIY duplicate of their product. Conscience may require me to offer them some payment for use of their design. I did order one of their Multi-Z Tuner kits, though, which will be another post or two in the coming weeks.

I found the magnet wire and a piece of bare copper-laminate this morning, also some brass 4-40 screws. The telescoping antenna I got had a type F connector on the end but it unscrewed easily, leaving an M4 threaded base for me to work with, just like the QRPguys kit that I am using as a guide.

My main magnet wire collection had several rolls of the Two Standard Sizes (too big and too small), but I remembered having some put away with the antenna-supplies and found this package that I have had since the days when there were Radio Shack stores! 40 feet should be more than enough for the two coils.

I was unable to find an M4 screw to attach the telescoping antenna anywhere around the house, so a trip to the hardware store in Sparta was required; I also bought an 8-32 wingnut and some washers for connecting the counterpoise.

There are a couple of parts to be made, and some holes to drill and tap; maybe I will do that tomorrow and start winding the coils and putting everything together on Monday. I will be taking lots of pictures for a detailed post around mid-week.





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