Tag: CW

  • CW practice continues

    I am using just about every device I own that is capable of sending Morse these days, toward my goal of being a competent CW operator by Spring. Wherever I am, if I have a few moments to spare I have some way of practicing sending and/or receiving. There’s the KD1JV Morse Trainer, a W1REX […]

  • I can’t believe I missed Straight Key Night !

    Well, make that “I don’t want to believe … “ and it’s not like the universe didn’t give me every opportunity, either ! There was an email from the League on the 31st; (“Celebrate Morse code heritage with Straight Key Night“) that I opened, read, and promptly forgot in the press of other matters like […]

  • The KD1JV Code Trainer

    It’s been obvious to me for some time that if I want to be a successful QRP operator I need to improve my CW skills!   If there is a single thing on the Things You Don’t Want To Do If You’re Going To Learn Morse list that I missed, I am not aware of it.   […]

  • A quick paddle base

    A month or two ago I spotted this little paddle on Amazon and bought one, just because I like straight keys and paddles and I’m always willing to add another one to the collection.   Only real issue was the 3 little magnets that were used for feet; on any surface other than steel it […]