Okay, that’s it, I want an Elecraft KH1

It has been on my mind, on and off, ever since Saturday, when I heard the news about the new handheld HF rig from Elecraft over at qrper.com

but I just watched this video: “Wayne Burdick N6KR Elecraft Cofounder Talking About the New KH1 Transceiver at SOTA Luncheon” and I am completely sold.

Everything about it, every single feature, cries out “you need this!” “you need one of these!” “buy me now!”, but the total clincher was when he was talking about wanting a radio that was “half the size of a KX2, and half the weight of a KX2”, and then spoke about his own experience using a KX2 as a handheld and finding it to be rather too heavy for extended use. I have done the same thing with the Xiegu X6100, and felt the same about its weight.

at Wildcat Mountain, back in March; the antenna is an MFJ 1899

I would post a picture of the KH1 but I’m a little shaky on the ethics of hijacking someone else’s image off of the Internet, so here is a link to the Elecraft page.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading; more on this (and other crucial topics!) soon!



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