CW practice continues

I am using just about every device I own that is capable of sending Morse these days, toward my goal of being a competent CW operator by Spring. Wherever I am, if I have a few moments to spare I have some way of practicing sending and/or receiving.

There’s the KD1JV Morse Trainer, a W1REX Night Sender Key, an old Speed-X straight key practice oscillator, and an Arduino-based random Morse generator built by WD9GNX that I bought from him at a hamfest a few years ago.

Besides these, I have also been using Andre’s “Let’s Learn Morse Code” online tool on my phone. I read about this on the QRPer website a few weeks ago and started using it almost immediately. Since I am trying to break all the bad habits at once I have most everything set for 20+ wpm.

The KD1JV trainer and the little paddles follow me around the house mostly, but sometimes travel along with me when I anticipate having some idle time along the way (no earbuds while driving). I try to use it for sending because my paddle work is still sloppy, I am still much better with a straight key. The Speed-X lives on the kitchen table where I eat most of my meals. The WD9GNX machine lives in the car; I find its single random characters not too distracting while I am driving. I actually have two of the Night Sender units because I thought they might be fun on a camping trip, sometime. My wife and I have been sending to each other across the living room a couple of times a week. My copying and sending are both improving, if not as quickly as I would like; maybe if I made a bit more time for practice that would change!

Thank you for visiting today! I’m trying to post new stuff every few days, so bookmark this site and come back soon!





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