Last hike of 2023, and first hike of 2024

On the 30th, and again on the 1st, I hiked the Ice Cave trail at Wildcat Mountain S. P. to commemorate the passing of the calendar year and to start off the new one in a spirit of happy outdoor fun, also to carry on the struggle to stay in shape for the milder months!

The dryness of the summer and fall seasons, (and the winter so far), have reduced the flow of the little stream to its irreducible spring-fed minimum, and the intermittent thaws we are still seeing bring down whatever ice manages to form, so there is a noticeable lack of ice-cavey-ness at the trail’s end.

The photograph in the previous post could stand as the picture for this post as well. Both days it was chilly and overcast and I felt slightly under-dressed for the weather, so I walked the short trail at a quick pace and didn’t pause for picture-taking.

Thanks for stopping by to read what’s new at driftlessqrp; I’ll try to make the next post a little more interesting! Happy New Year and Good DX to all!






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