A hiking-centric Christmas in the Driftless

The weather has been anomalously warm the past few days (mostly in the 40s day and night), overcast, with generous amounts of dense fog, and no serious social obligations anywhere, so we have been getting in a hike every day !

I try to always have a radio packed, in case I suddenly feel the need, but it has remained in the pack, and I tried to stay focused on the walking and being immersed in the world of nature, so not many pictures with this post, either.

Taylor Hollow Overlook in the fog.

Saturday I went around the Old Settlers trail at Wildcat Mountain, then out to the Ice Cave, which only had vestiges of ice remaining. The dense fog absorbed sound and obscured everything so I hiked up and down the hills in a misty bubble.

Almost all melted away.

From there I made a long loop through Amish country, picking up some roots and greenhouse greens, and also a few little items as Christmas gifts.

Yesterday we all went out for a brisk hike along the 400 State Trail south of Wonewoc, and we all had so much fun! Phoebe, our goofy little Havanese rescue dog had a wonderful time! So many interesting things to sniff!

Before dawn this morning, I was moving too slow, so my wife headed to Lake Redstone for a quick dip at sunrise, and I made breakfast for Phoebe, then went to Camel Bluff for a nice walk in the forest. I stopped to enjoy my little vacuum bottle of coffee while sitting on the trail-side bench near a nameless bluff south of the camel.

Looking straight up at the sky from the bench.

Thanks for visiting driftlessqrp this holiday season! A Merry Christmas to all! (and many more!)





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  1. […] The photograph in the previous post could stand as the picture for this post as well. Both days it was chilly and overcast and I felt slightly under-dressed for the weather, so I walked the short trail briskly and didn’t pause for picture-taking. […]

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