April omnibus post

Spring is getting pretty firmly established here; though we are still getting some light overnight frosts, the daytime temperatures can get into the 60s. The lakes and streams are still low; we need more rain! Home DIY is taking up a lot of time, and the expanded garden is making increasing demands.

Two stalks of kale got left standing through the winter, and have started producing again! This picture was taken a few weeks ago.
The same plant(s) today, we have been enjoying fresh kale for a few days now; chives and garlic can also be seen in this view.

I managed to work in two park activations, both at Wildcat Mountain, US-1480.

April 7th

Setting up the 20 meter vertical on the Buddipole tripod seems quick and simple now; probably because I have done it so many times.

April 21st

A lot of fun hiking , too; all of it at Mill Bluff and Wildcat Mountain State Parks.

Electronic projects are moving forward by tiny increments; I found a light aluminum screw-top can that will do nicely for a speaker housing:

Laying out the top; then I drilled a lot of 1/16″ holes to form a grille.
Not much farther to go. No external volume control; I’ll have to open it up to adjust the little 10k trimpot on the amplifier board.
Everything fits with room to spare; watch for another post when I finish it.

The touch – paddles are still languishing, uncompleted. Soon. That’s right, soon.

I have been scouting launch and take-out spots on the Kickapoo and Lemonweir rivers with an eye toward getting my kayak in the water as soon as possible.

Wildcat Landing on the Kickapoo. Water level is so low!
The price was so right I couldn’t turn it down! Going to be a lot of fun this summer, including a couple of SOTA / POTA activations.

That’s about everything that comes to mind right now; thank you for visiting!



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