Finishing the (tr)uSDX amplified speaker

June 24th:

To quickly recap, the story begins here, and is continued here.

All it took, in the end, was actually sitting down at the bench and (gasp!) actually working on it for maybe 40 minutes; I had the last remaining part, an input jack, right there. Finding one was the last thing I did before I was distracted / called away. Plugged in the soldering iron and got to it.

The (tr)uSDX puts out mono audio on both tip and ring of a standard 3.5 mm TRS jack. The still unfinished touch-paddle project occupies the other arm of the 3rd-hand stand; this is the next project in line to be completed. (or is it?)
Final solder joints, then tape, and more tape; since everything will be simply stuffed into the can, protection against shorting is crucial!
Everything well insulated; the amplifier board is wrapped in light plastic from a shopping bag. Thin packing foam lines the bottom of the can.
The speaker just sits on top of the other components, and is protected by clear sandwich-bag plastic against incidental rain or spillage. The LED on the amplifier board is visible through its wrapping.
And, it all works! The power-on LED is visible through the grille.

Updated, July 1st:

I’m going to try something new; inserting a short video of it in operation … W1AW sending slow Morse practice.

Nice clear sound!

Weight, 5.4 ounces; less than the Anker Soundcore Mini (7.1 ounces), yay!

If anyone is interested in seeing a parts list with an eye toward building one of these for yourself, mention it in a comment or an email and I will prepare one.

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