X6100 and EFHW at Wildcat Mountain

The weather today was a lot more pleasant than when I last activated K-1480, but I was using the same equipment. I planned to trim a few inches from the QRPguys EFHW to improve the SWR while I was setting up but it seemed to have the opposite effect … now I am wondering what was wrong with my reasoning. Whatever it was, the ATU quickly took care of the mismatch and I was on the air!

I didn’t want to trim off too much, but I expected to reduce the SWR in any case!

The propagation forecast was “good” but there was still serious fading on 20m, so hunters seemed to come in waves, alternating with silence except for my CQing. After my initial self-spot, hunters kept me spotted, (thank you!) and patience won me 23 contacts from all over North America before I had to go QRT to finish running errands on this beautiful Wisconsin day. Today’s finds featured fresh asparagus, stalks of baby garlic, and radishes.

All over the map !

Wildcat Mountain was a favorite hiking spot even before I began doing POTA activations last year and I am going to be visiting a lot of the overlooks this year to operate in the field. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful park so close to home!

Thanks for visiting driftlessqrp! Big activation coming up in a few weeks!





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