Wrapping up some kit building …

The workbench has been developing a backlog of kits that need to be finished; a QRPguys Multi-Z Tuner, a QRPguys Digital Power/SWR Meter w/Dummy Load, and a K6ARK Mini-Microphone are the principal ones (there are others, but … ).

QRPguys Multi-Z Tuner

This one got stalled right out of the bag! Step one is assembling the “chassis” by soldering together 4 pieces of circuit-board material (main board, front panel, and two gussets) using the pads provided. Not sure why that seemed so daunting a few months ago (if it did; maybe I just got distracted), but it went smoothly (following the excellent instructions) with the aid of a bench block and a bit of masking tape.

Placing and soldering the through-hole components went quickly; I am starting to wind the two toroids:

Once they are completed and soldered, the rest of the parts should fall into place with no trouble. I am looking forward to getting this little guy out in the field with the (tr)uSDX really soon! The X6100 has gotten me used to having a built-in ATU, lol!

QRPGuys Digital Power/SWR Meter w/Dummy Load

This project hung up on a missing part; the holder for the 2032 battery. Those QRPguys had the part in my hands just a few days after I emailed them. (outstanding customer service, thank you Doug!)

This one is so close to completion! This is another thing whose first tryout will be with the (tr)uSDX, on the bench and in the field.

K6ARK Mini-Mic

I really bought this to use (suitably modified) with the X6100. The microphone supplied with the rig works fine, a standard mobile-rig type mike, but with the coiled cord added it seems to take up nearly as much space in the pack as the radio itself; space that could certainly be put to better use!

This K6ARK kit caught my eye on Amazon one day, the size and the price were very appealing, and I fortunately ordered one while they were in stock!

One or the other of these handy screw-terminal breakouts would nicely adapt it to the RJ-45 on the X6100 once I take the time to figure out the wiring …

Might be a bit messy looking, but if it works, I can overlook that; this is, after all, ham radio in the wild, not Fashion Week in NYC!

(or that was the plan, anyway … ).

On the other hand, I could build it to use with the (tr)uSDX immediately, as Adam intended it, and postpone the creative part (for the X6100) until the indefinite future when it is in stock again. Seems like a simple and obvious choice! Maybe I will just wire up another little headphone jack to the breakout so I can use the same mic and cord with either radio; shouldn’t be too hard … right?

Thanks for visiting driftlessqrp today, stop by again soon to read all about how all of these projects come out!






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