Wildcat Mountain, K-1480, again

On the roll from Monday’s more-than-successful semi-spontaneous activation at Dell Creek SWA, today I dropped in at Wildcat Mountain State Park while I was in the neighborhood. It was a beautifully springlike day here in the Driftless Area, or at least it evolved into one from the sorta-wintery overnight … I was actually in shirtsleeves for a while, until some overcast blew in and the sun went away.

I got there around noon and spent at least 10 minutes dithering over setting up to operate vs. carrying on with errands; in the end I realized that dithering was the same as saying no, so I made quick work of setting up the Buddipole 20m vertical and getting on the air. Park-to-park contacts got me 7 QSOs, but it seemed like there was no more to be had that way; I found an empty frequency, started CQing, and self-spotted. Hunters started popping up and I worked them. Got my 10. Started getting QRM from nearby frequencies, so I QSYed and re-spotted. A couple more park-to-parks, and more hunters … I kept on CQing, and getting hunter calls. Eventually there were no more responses to my CQs and I called, and spotted, QRT with 23 in the log for about one and a half hours on the air.

Dare I even begin to imagine that I am starting to get the hang of this?

Just a quick post for now, to get something out today; maybe more later.

Thank you for visiting driftlessqrp.com! I just got a rubber stamp of my URL to apply to my QSL cards; hoping to attract more traffic here! 73!






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