Tooling up for winter ops

Wisconsin doesn’t have the mildest (or the worst) winter weather, so right now I am organizing my elderly minivan into a mobile shack for doing parking-lot-POTA for the next few months.   

The one jump seat that we have left in the back is conveniently located by windows which will open, and has both heater outlets and 12 volt power (nominally 10 amps, enough for any kind of QRP operation), what could be more perfect ! 

Lots of antenna options are available; the 28 foot surveyors pole to hang wire from, and the whole Buddipole kit besides! A visit to the county dump’s used masonry piles produced a few half-cinderblocks to use if guy anchors are needed.

The table is honestly a bit too big for the space, but I am going to go ahead with that until something better comes around.

First tryout? Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend. For now, back to making sure that every radio is packed with all the necessary bits like a power cord and operating manual. It will be interesting working with the different radios; I am planning on taking the X6100, 817, and TR-35 and trying them all out.





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