This is how you lose readers, isn’t it?

It’s been almost a month with nothing new posted here. That doesn’t seem like a good thing! I haven’t done a park activation since Field Day; I have been preparing another gear-bag post, but all that means is taking pictures and transferring them to WordPress; I’ve taken a few hikes, but nothing special. Most of my spare time has been devoted to DIY stuff around the house.

I caught the light just right for this picture, and my phone got the focus right for once! Took this on the Elroy – Sparta trail, last week.

I will be doing an activation soon, and the gear-bag post is coming up even sooner; so I will add another random hiking picture and close this up!

In the distance, the mouth of one of the 3 tunnels on the Elroy – Sparta trail, which used to be the Chicago & Northwestern railroad line serving this area.

Thanks for stopping by driftlessqrp today; I promise, more content Real Soon Now!






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