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Since I finished off those half-built kits a few weeks ago I have been purchasing a variety of electronic parts to start a new round of projects; here is a representative collection of them, tastefully arrayed in a cardboard flat (which is one of my favored containers for organizing projects on the workbench).

(left to right; top to bottom rows) 30 AWG silicone hookup wire, 100 pf 1kv capacitors, 3.5 mm stereo jacks, FT50-43 toroid cores, little momentary pushbutton switches, 2 and 3 position screw terminal blocks, 6 inch SMA jumper cables, BS170 mosfets. Not shown; magnet wire, electret condenser mic elements, a new larger wall-wart for the Raspberry Pi … probably more that I just can’t remember at the moment. If I were an Amazon Affiliate these would all be links to the products.

I have it in mind to build another mini-mic or two, more-or-less like the one I built from a kit a few weeks ago; I want one for the X6100, and another one for the 817. (3.5 mm jacks, pushbuttons, mic elements)

I also want to make a few more EFHW antennas with SMA connectors to pack with the (tr)uSDX. (jumpers, toroids, magnet wire, capacitors)

The BS170 mosfets are replacements for the (tr)uSDX finals; maybe if I have them already in stock they will exert a protective influence over the radio, much like preventing rain by carrying an umbrella.

More about all of these projects coming soon!

Other projects, kind of unrelated:

I was going through some of the radio-related gear in the car and I found this slingshot, with seriously discolored rubber tubing which practically shattered when touched. Too much sun? Needs replacing, in any case!

I added about a foot of length to my QRPguys EFHW while I was on Oak Island, trying to get the SWR down to a reasonable number. I noticed the twisted splice a while ago; I had a soldering iron close to hand and made it permanent.
Though I was careful to make the joint as smooth and flat as possible, it still seemed to have potential for snagging on some part of a tree; I added a bit of tape in the hope of smoothing things out!

Thanks for visiting driftlessqrp! More stuff soon! Maybe even an activation!





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