Off to Oak Island!

Up early, final packing (and unpacking!) almost finished. This is just a quick post before I turn this off and pack it up. This Lenovo Chromebook running Linux Mint is the only device that I have no means of charging for the next couple of days, so battery conservation will be crucial (assuming that I have a connection out there!)

A resort town like Bayfield may not have an early-morning breakfast place (no Kwik-Trip!) so coffee from the pot in my room, 2 hardboiled eggs and a PB&J sandwich starts the day. I expect to get to the island by 10 or so, then a bit of campsite setup and then time to head for high ground!

N0NBH propagation forecast still looks dismal, but the earth weather forecast looks less rainy, hurray! It’s going to be chilly at night, though, hope I have enough warm stuff to get a good night’s sleep!

Thanks for visiting, and try to work me on 20 m SSB so I can make my 10 contacts for a real activation!





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