Oak Island expedition, day -1

8:45 local time, near dusk, overlooking the Madeleine Island ferry terminal.

About 7 hours of driving up Highway 13 brought me to the Harbor’s Edge Motel in Bayfield, a lovely little town filled with cool stuff, including two bookstores; but everything but the restaurants and bars was unfortunately closed by the time I got in.

Excellent Lake Superior whitefish sandwich at Morty’s Pub, after I finally found the marina (the sign on the street says Apostle Islands Marina; maps mostly call it Municipal Marina, my instructions from the charter say Bayfield Marina) where my charter picks me up tomorrow. A chat with Jesse, the metal sculptor at Iron Apostle Studio led me to a solution to parking the minivan while I am out on Oak Island, and as soon as I finish typing this it’s time for a drastic re-evaluation of the ton of stuff I packed (estimated 60 – 70 pounds) and a shower.

Next post, if any, will be from Oak Island itself, midday tomorrow; unless I feel chatty and have some spare time in the early morning.

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