Oak Island

Wow, got an excellent connection from the borrowed Verizon hotspot!

I can kind of understand why Oak Island was “not yet activated” now. Getting here was not trivial, and neither was getting to the summit!

9 hours in the field and a bit more than 4 on the air, on and off, only got 13 QSO’s, but I am very satisfied with the result anyway. Oak Island is pretty much wilderness with a few trails and a scattering of picnic tables with adjacent fire rings and bear lockers. A different style of pit privy than the WI DNR ones I am mostly used to. Use of soap on the islands is prohibited, but I have a nice big beach where I can rinse off at the end of the day. Scenic beauty abounds!

N0NBH propagation forecast was “poor”, as it has been for a week. Propagation today was weird , but then isn’t it always? Sometimes it’s better than others. Rapid fading lost me at least 2 contacts where the other station was just … gone. Lots of them that I could hear okay, but they couldn’t hear me.

The Kentucky QSO party got me 2, and Museum Ships On The Air made for some impressive pileups, but I did work a lightship in Port Huron MI. I tried self-spotting first but nothing resulted, so I went over to hunting. The magic of “park to park” got me 9; (thanks, activators!) … and there must be one more, but I’ll figure it out when I make the electronic log …

Something I seem to have forgotten about wilderness camping is just how much work is involved, and I need to get busy before it gets dark, so this is just a quick summary, watch for more in the days to come!



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