New battery!

My 3 amp-hour Bioenno LiFePO4 battery has been giving me great service so far, but I am planning a multi-day POTA + SOTA activation in a wilderness location that will be 100% pack-in-everything-you-want-or-need. (More about this during May!) Based on my experience so far, an average activation of an hour or two on the air uses 2 amp-hours more or less. Applying a hefty safety factor while remaining aware of all the weight I will be carrying led me to choose the Bioenno BLF-1215.

Big blue box. Not an exciting picture, right?

At 4.3 pounds it is about half the weight of a comparable SLA/AGM lead-acid battery, and at 15 amp-hours I am hoping to get 18 – 20 hours of operating out of it. Of course I will also have my smaller one along as backup; still not sure if I will bring along the 18650 pack, though it might come in handy for keeping my phone and hotspot charged, (assuming that I will have some kind of connection out there!).

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