K6ARK Mini Mic kit for the (tr)uSDX

Next-to-last (for now) in the current series of kit-build posts, the K6ARK Mini-Mic:

Not a lot of parts to this one! Not shown, the piece of thin, flexible wire that was included in the bag, but got lost on the bench top.

When I started assembling I used my default hookup wire, old POTS inside wire; on the scale of these components it seemed about as flexible as 1/2″ rebar!
Nonetheless I did get everything connected and into the 3d-printed shell ! At this time I noticed the little piece of red wire on the benchtop and remembered what it was for; how much simpler & easier this all could have been!
Case closed!

Time for a functional test!

I couldn’t quite get a good picture while actually talking into the mic, but at least this one illustrates the test setup. The rig went into transmit mode when the PTT was pressed, and the meter showed varying power outputs when I spoke into the mic, so all (apparently) good, though final confirmation by making contacts on-the-air and getting reports is still pending.

This mic has lots of nice features like being tiny and lightweight; another one that I plan to take advantage of is that it uses a standard double-ended 3.5 mm 3 conductor cable. My next project will be kludging up a 3.5 mm to RJ-45 adapter so I can use this mic with the X6100 !

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