In a rut

A few days ago I noticed (looking at my POTA stats) that since last June the only park I have activated has been good old K-1480, Wildcat Mountain! Not sure just how that came about; I started 2023 with a string of new (to me) parks. I think I need to get back into that groove. I woke up this morning wanting to go activate Mirror Lake S. P. (last activated almost exactly 1 year ago) , and also knowing that I needed to do laundry and a lot of other household stuff; guess which of them won. It’s sunny out there, temp in the 50s (crazy unseasonably warm), lovely radio weather.

My most recent activation was on February 11th; pretty standard really (that rut again) starting with a park-to-park. I tried hunting for other parks for a while with no success, so I found a nice empty bit of 20 meters, started CQing, and self-spotted. The response from the hunters was gratifying!

Less than one hour on the air!

I was feeling chilled while I did my logging, and after a bowl of soup I went to bed early. I slept poorly and awoke Monday morning no better; chills, no appetite, weak and tired, body aches … Tuesday was even worse; basically I was really really sick all week and only left the house for the first time yesterday.

The rut? Well, maybe I’ll try to get clear of it next weekend.

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