Field Day, Day 2

The rain did quit sometime overnight, so I got up a bit before 4:00, made plenty of coffee, and got on the road back to Wildcat Mountain State Park, K-1480. Though I drove slowly and watchfully to avoid deer, I was at the park a few minutes before it opened at 6:00.

(Deer are termed “crepuscular”, meaning that they prefer the twilight hours around dawn and dusk, though they can be seen heedlessly crossing roads at any hour of the day or night. Prudent drivers on Wisconsin back roads are always watching for them!)

The Antenna Of The Day was the new (-ish) 17 foot telescoping whip on a Versa Tee and Buddipole mast and tripod, which goes up pretty quickly, so I was on the air in about 20 minutes. Band conditions were about the same as yesterday; quick and deep fading mixed in with lots of QRM from adjacent stations, but traffic was not quite as heavy, at least early on.

Ready to extend everything to full height …
Wish I had brought a tape measure along! How tall is it?

Well, that’s it then; no job is complete until the paperwork is done. Cabrillo log and documents to ARRL, an ADIF log for the 25th only to POTA, a quick note on the Soapbox, and finally back to the blog to finish up this post. Subtracting the one duplicate, 13 contacts today and 5 yesterday adds up to 18; 6X the contacts I made last year! The atmosphere kept threatening rain, but very little actually fell.

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