Coulee Experimental State Forest, K-5578

Woke up this morning thinking “activate a new park today”, but which one? In the end I decided to try Coulee Experimental State Forest, K-5578 again. (for my previous attempt, click here). It was an ideal day for a wire antenna and I quickly hung my 20 meter dipole from some sapling trees and turned on the radio; hearing a voice calling “CQ POTA” as soon as the X6100 booted up was a pleasant surprise!

Today was the first time I used this new RG-213 coax cable:

As usual, a lot of my contacts were park-to-park (including a 2-fer and a 3-fer) with stations who were running; noise was low and propagation was good when it was good (and rather fade-y otherwise), and there were a few impressive pile-ups on stations that I couldn’t even hear. Another notable thing that happened was my first SOTA contact; thanks to K2CPT for starting me off with Record Hill in the Greater Adirondacks!

All of my QSO maps are made using the free tool at, which accepts the ADIF file that I prepare for POTA and generates the maps that I post. Thanks, DL4MFM and DK5EW for making it so easy to do!

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