Back on the air at Wildcat Mountain

It was cool and damp, and the sun was not yet up, when I headed off along the back roads toward my favorite activation spot, hot coffee in hand.

Patches of fog hover over the fields before sunrise.

Last year on June 25th I activated Wildcat Mountain State Park, US-1480, and started an unbroken string of activating only that park; not by planning or intent, just how things worked out; every time I went out to do an activation it seemed like a good idea to go to Wildcat Mountain. Today was no exception!

I repeated the familiar pattern again; parked in the same spot, set up the same Buddipole vertical, operated 20 meters SSB as before … even the same pencil for logging! I found an empty frequency, started calling CQ, and self-spotted.

Another picture of my radio on the dashboard.
Flat SWR across the entire 20 meter band! No need for a tuner.

Hunters were few at first, but my 6th contact was a real surprise: LA9DSA, Knut in Norway!, a very active SOTA and POTA operator both activating and hunting. Thanks for the DX, Knut, hope to meet you again!

I also worked a few park-to-park hunters, it’s always a treat to help out another activator. P2P contacts have helped save many an activation for me!

The final total was 21 contacts in 2 hours, and it was starting to get warmish when I packed up the station. It was good to get out in a park again, after about 2 months of … radioinactivity? I mean, I didn’t even make an omnibus post in June, there was just too much going on here.

The map scale is somewhat altered by The Miracle of QRP DX

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